My Works

Pro Biennale, Venice

Good morning everyone and happy Sunday!I am delighted to share with you some photos from the “Pro Biennale di Venezia” exhibition in which I am participating

Biennale Venice

Good evening everyoneI am delighted to announce the Venice Biennale!I will participate in the Pro Biennale di Venezia (a pavilion of the Venice Biennale) in the month of May.I want to thank the distinguished president Salvo Nugnes for the opportunity

Artisti 22

Good evening everyoneI want to share with you all the book “Artisti 22”

They talk about me

Good evening everyone!Today I want to share with you all the articles they have written about me, my history and my works Hea Ja Kim Grande successo per Kim Hea Ja in mostra al Palazzo delle Arti di Bassano d.G. col critico d’arte Salvo Nugnes Hea Ja Kim e il suo grande successo a BassanoContinue reading “They talk about me”

Mum Art

Good evening!I am happy to show you the photos of the artistic event organized by Mum Art in which I participated

Frida Kahlo, Hea Ja Kim

Good evening everyone! I am happy to share the book related to the Frida Kahlo exhibition in which I participated. In honor of women!

Video review of my style

Good morning everyone!Today I want to share with you all the video review that Professor Plinio Perilli made on my style and my works.Thank you so much for all the support.Go see the video on YouTube 🥰

“Inside my world”, by Hea Ja Kim

Hello everyone! With great pride and satisfaction I announce my personal exhibition! The inauguration will be on April 8 at the Palazzo delle Arti in Bassano del Grappa at 6 pm. I look forward to seeing you numerous ❤️🙏🏻

Frida Kahlo

Good morning everyone!I am very happy to share with all of you the international award that I received called “Frida Kahlo”, which was awarded to me in reference to my participation in the Art of Women exhibition, which will be held from 8 to 27 March 2022 at the historic Milano Art Gallery, in ViaContinue reading “Frida Kahlo”

Award Frida Kahlo

Hello everyone !I am happy to share with you the “Frida Kahlo” award I received today.It is an event, an exhibition, which will be held from 8 March to 27 March at “Milan Art Gallery” in Via Galeazzo Alessi 11, in Milan. The exhibition will have the contribution of the curator and art critic SalvoContinue reading “Award Frida Kahlo”

Pro Biennale

Good evening everyone! I am happy to share with you the comment that was made to my works on the occasion of the “Pro Biennale” exhibition.

TV Review

Hi everyone! Yesterday on channel 165 of digital terrestrial, in Italy, the review that an art critic made on my digital works was broadcast. Find the whole interview on youtube. These are some photos:

HubArt, Milan

Hi everyone!These are some photos of the gallery I attended today in the city of Milan, at “HubArt”!

Simposio d’arte

Hello everyone and happy new year!To start 2022 at the best … here are some photos from the book “Simposio d’Arte” in which I participated

Pro Biennale

Hi everyone!I am happy to inform you of my participation in the “Pro Biennale” exhibition

Simposio d’arte

Hi everyone! I am very happy honored the moninal certificate of merit awarded the Margherita hack “SIMPOSIO D’ARTE “exhibition held from 3 to 24 December 2021 at the historic Milan Art Gallery.

Same Concept

Good afternoon.I am very happy participating in this exhibitionOn Sunday 28 November 2021 at 6.00 pm theInternational Cultural Kermesse SAME CONCEPT 2021 was inaugurated in the presence of the Institutions, in the splendid setting of the PULVIRENTI HISTORICALPALACE of the City of Pedara (CT). Ribbon cutting by the Honorable Anthony Barbagallo, the Mayor of theContinue reading “Same Concept”

Milan Art Gallery

Goodmorning everyone!Today I take you with me to the Milan Art Gallery: a magnificent gallery in which I took part !!!

Palazzo delle Arti

Hello everyone!Here are some photos of the Bassano del Grappa exhibition, taken in the ancient palace of the arts!

Artisti in vetrina

Hello everyone !Here are some of the photos from the magazine “Artisti in vetrina” in which I participated!

Gallery Rossocinsbro, Roma

Goodmorning everyone!Yesterday another gallery of mine in Rome started: The Rome gallery rossocinsbro, which will last for 2 months!

Sinsang Gallery

Good evening everyone!Also today I am happy to present you a new gallery in which I participated in South Korea, in Seoul. A well-known Korean art critic also expressed the following opinion regarding my painting Thank you for reviewing Mr. Jeong Sang-shin’s drawings:square square squaresSince ancient times, the earth world has been expressed as aContinue reading “Sinsang Gallery”

Artisti a Palazzo

Hello everyone! Also today I show you my participation in a new gallery to be held in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, at the historic palace of the arts.The inauguration will take place on November 29th at 18:00

Same Concept, Palazzo Pulvirenti

Hello everyone!Here is my next gallery, which will be held in Sicily, at Palazzo Pulvirenti and will start on November 28th at 19:00

Simposio d’Arte

Hello everyone!I am happy to announce my participation in an art gallery to be held from 18 December to 8 January 2022 at the Milano Art Gallery

Biennale Milano 3

Good afternoon everybody !Today was the third day dedicated to the Milan Biennale, with the well-known art and culture critic Vittorio Sgarbi, that I had the honor to meet!

Biennale Milano 2

Hello everyone!Even today I went to the Milan Biennale to participate in the second day!Today’s guests were Romina Power and Francesco Alberoni.I found their interventions very beautiful and I can’t wait to see what will happen tomorrow?!?!?For real-time updates follow me on Instagram.In the meantime, also take a look at some photos taken today:

Biennale Milano 1

Hello everyone!The inauguration of the Milan Biennale was held today, an international gallery that will end on 25 October.All presented and directed by Salvo Nugnes, with many guests from the world of art and culture.These are some of the photos taken today:

Contemporary Venice 2021

Hello everyone!I am very happy and satisfied to take you with me to my first exhibition in Venice, at Contemporary Venice 2021.

Critical comment by Salvo Nugnes

Goodmorning everyone!A few days ago I received the critical comment made by Salvo Nugnes (contemporary art critic and journalist) about my works!!

Contemporary Venice

Hello everyone ! I am so so happy to announce myparticipation in an contemporary Venice 2021. An International exhibition will be held in Venice, at the Room contemporary art space from September 30 to October 21.

Desidera Art Festival, Trieste

Hello everyone!I am very happy to announce my participation in an art gallery in Trieste called “Desidera Art Festival” – Camera Fenix II (Curated by Enea Chersicola).The inauguration day will be October 15th at 19:00.The exhibition will begin on October 15th and end on October 30th and will be held at Via San Francesco 5.

A60 Gallery Art in Milan

Good evening everyone!I am very happy and satisfied to take you with me to my first exhibition in Milan, at A60 Contemporaney Art. Now, my Partner and I are celebrating with a nice aperitif

Art Now Magazine

Good morning everyone! Today, with great pride and satisfaction, I am happy to announce the publication of one of my works in the magazine Art Now (number IV year IV).

Biennale Milano

Hello everyone!I am very happy to announce my participation in one of the most important art galleries in Italy: the Milan Biennale, which will be held from 21 to 25 October in the city center of Milan.Currently, however, it has not been decided precisely the place where the gallery will be held, when I amContinue reading “Biennale Milano”

Art Now Magazine

Good morning everyone! Today, with great pride and satisfaction, I am happy to announce the publication of one of my works in the magazine Art Now (number III year IV).