Les Petits Eclairs

Good evening
I am happy to inform you of my participation in the “Les Petits Eclairs” Exhibition.

“Les Petits Eclairs – Little flashes of light – as the artworks on display are exactly this, in a figurative and metaphorical sense, they bring a message of positivity and love that fits perfectly with the difficult historical moment that we’re all
living, and it aims at being a warning for the fundamental quest of our spirituality and intimate essence.

The research for Light among darkness can be interpreted as a quest for transcendental values in the dark, given by the lack of reason; hence a deep and contemporary choice for an exhibition in these times, in this history.

Light in a spiritual sense, but also in an illuminist one, as a wish for a prosperous future and progress. In the visual path traced by these carefully selected artworks, the spectator can be transported by the uninterrupted flux of colours, the harmony of shapes and images, catching situations, stories,
characters and values that resist.

Opening Tuesday the 24th of May, 2022, at 5.30 PM
Organisation and Concept: Monica Ferrarini, Associazione M.F. Eventi Les Petits Eclairs, Galleria dei Miracoli- via del Corso 528 – Rome, May 24 – 30, 2022

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