Same Concept

Good afternoon.
I am very happy participating in this exhibition
On Sunday 28 November 2021 at 6.00 pm the
International Cultural Kermesse SAME CONCEPT 2021 was inaugurated in the presence of the Institutions, in the splendid setting of the PULVIRENTI HISTORICAL
PALACE of the City of Pedara (CT).

Ribbon cutting by the Honorable Anthony Barbagallo, the Mayor of the City of Pedara, the Ass. to Art, tourism and entertainment Carmelo Mazzella, of the Ass. Leonardo Laudani Sport and Entertainment, the President of theCM Museum Mariagrazia Minio, Dr. Salvo De Luca, Prof. Laura Petralia and Dr. Lucrezia Dragonetto.

Testimonial was the French International Artist Thomas Mainardi

Published by Hea Ja Kim

Fine Artist and Digital Artist

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