Sinsang Gallery

Good evening everyone!
Also today I am happy to present you a new gallery in which I participated in South Korea, in Seoul.

A well-known Korean art critic also expressed the following opinion regarding my painting

Thank you for reviewing Mr. Jeong Sang-shin’s drawings:
square square squares
Since ancient times, the earth world has been expressed as a rectangle. It has unwavering robustness. The front, rear, left and right, east, west, north, and south are to be seen from the ground.
blue color is
Kandinsky said that the sky is a color far from humans.
The artist painted this contrast, the meeting of heaven and earth.
in this work
There are many crosses.
The central cross in the center is also visible.
There is a sense of meeting, communication, and extension, so the picture is not small and has an openness.
Blue has 3 different colors
form squares
dark and dark square blue,
a little brighter square blue,
The brightest blue that passes between them.
It is cool to see the light that is trapped in the dark square that seems to be blocked by being scratched and bursting.
The blue square in the middle stands in the middle
Chromaticity, overall composition
Keeps the balance stable.
Blurred between these feelings
There is an opening of brighter colors.
with different intensities of colors
opened the depths of space,
By opening the endless world of light
It was locked, but it was opened.
You can feel the psychology of ancient Roman architecture.
this work
Dark Scratched Blue Squares

With a square that is hidden so that light of medium intensity can be seen
It made me want to see the bright blue behind it.
The middle line shows this mind.
cover and open
there is a difference in depth
Stripping the brightest blue at the back
So that I want to go free with the light
pictures in our hearts

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Fine Artist and Digital Artist

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